Hello, my name is Diego Camacho. I was born in Madrid, Spain.

Since childhood I dreamed of being a professional soccer player. Playing in the First Division, in La Liga, was one of my multiple dreams. I even dreamed about playing for the National Team of Spain.

I have been able to make many of those dreams come true. I have enjoyed playing against the best players in the world in the most beautiful soccer stadiums for more than 10 years thanks to my constancy, persistence, sacrifice and to the enormous passion, enthusiasm and illusion I had to make my dreams come true.

I have played for First Division’s Clubs such as Real Sporting de Gijón, Levante U.D. or Real Valladolid. While playing professional soccer, I helped and collaborated with the youth teams to learn how to teach soccer and become a good soccer coach in the future.

Nowadays, I keep fulfilling my dreams. As a coach with Indy Premier in the United States of America, every day I have had the great opportunity to learn from coaches and players, sharing with them my extensive experience as a professional soccer player in La Liga, in Spain.

However, I miss the specific training to improve my physical capacities, my techniques and my tactical knowledge that we, as soccer players develop. Even though it is the psychological part of our training it is perhaps the most important of all, something I found in few coaches because during sessions you can’t have an individualized or personal trainer that every player needs.

Therefore, I always knew I would dedicate myself to become a soccer coach at the end of my career as a professional player. This would be the easiest and most direct method to help athletes improve their skills and help them achieve their personal goals. I always needed someone by my side to help me, mentor me and give me the mental strength to keep trying everything. I needed a person who made me believe in myself, gave me enough confidence to face new challenges and to be brave to try new ones. Someone who made me believe in my real potential. The same as many players need.

That is why I am here; I can offer all those qualities that can’t be found in clubs. I can help young players as well as experienced players, even professional players needing improvement in their knowledge, ability and confidence. Helping players is what makes me the happiest and I thoroughly enjoy doing it. It is what I wish I had in my coaches when I was a young professional soccer player.

We will never know, nor does anyone know who will become a professional soccer player. However, one of the most beautiful experiences is the journey we take to make our dream come true. All those experiences: knowing who we are, know our skills, strengths, what needs improvement, relationship with our teammates, working as a team and how winning or losing affects us.

This is all wonderful and I encourage you to take that journey with me and with all your might, courage and with the highest passion and illusion you can muster. Never give up. Look at the obstacles like a challenge and you will succeed. Do it in every sport you play and with every obstacle you find along your path. You can do it!

Hard work always pays off!