Compete against yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes!!

Most coaches tell you to be better than your opponents to beat them during competition. But think about this: when you are competing or training and you have control of the ball, it is you and not the opponent who is controlling. This is the reason you should focus on improving your game.

With me, you will be the center of your own training. You will be the protagonist of the story. Bettering your inward self will be portrayed outwardly.

But you need to want to do it!!

This is an individualized training, so you are the protagonist of the play.

To know you better and to know your goals I will ask you several questions:

  1. Initial evaluation:
    1. What do you want to achieve?
    2. What do you want to improve?
    3. What do you think you must improve first?
    4. How much effort are you willing to put forth to become better?
  2. Variety of specific and individualized soccer drills for each player or group of players.
  3. From the simplest to the most complicated.
    1. The most important aspect is success in acquiring confidence to execute the drills.
  4. Once confidence has been built, you are ready for more challenges and more difficult drills.

As simple as it may seem, but remember the most important aspect of a good methodology is the following:

Allow yourself to make mistakes!!

Be nice with yourself because you are learning and improving!!

If you want, you can.