There will always be a big space for the parents who want to join me. 

You, parents, are the fundamentals of your kids, you are the basics, you are the key for your young players to keep enjoying soccer. When they train hard, they make a great effort to improve. That is your moment to be by his/her side.

Keep it up because you are doing great.

You are supporting them. All the time. Always. No one knows how huge your effort is because you are the one who does it. I lived that experience with my dad, my mom and my sister who, a lot of times, was waiting for me at the platform of the train station to switch my school bag, full of books, for my soccer bag with my equipment and my soccer shoes, without getting me out of the wagon of the train. 

Now, it is when I really value that incredible effort. I remember my dad, taking me to the practice everyday, without missing one of them while raining or snowing. Now, I value all of that. I also remember my mom looking for supplemental food to give me more energy to practice after a long day at school. Now, it is when I really value all of that. And they will for sure, your kids will do it.

This option that I am offering you, you joining me, has a very clear goals to achieve: 

    1. To understand your young player mentality and their feelings and emotions that the game of soccer can generate in them.
    2. To show you the way I understand this game as a coach and as a former soccer player. It means that we can have practical talks about basic tactics, talks about how to improve our technical skills.
    3. How to improve our kids mentality to be ready to compete.
    1. We must play to understand all the theory. These sessions will be done on the field focusing on what you guys, as parents, want to improve:
      1. Your technique (passes, shots, dribbling, etc)
      2. Your physical condition
      3. Just playing to have fun while learning

Of course, all of the theoretical sessions should be done in a classroom or in a place of your choice where we would be able to watch videos, pictures, etc.

From my humble point of view, understanding the theory, to be able to apply it on the field during a game, is the best way to help your young player. You will be able to feel, more or less, what they are feeling when training or competing.

Practical sessions, of course, will be done on the field. Different drills with different movements and a small sided game to apply all of the session at the end of it.